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FAQ about B-bel

1. How do I get replacement parts for damaged or missing pieces?
Simply contact them via email or by phone 1-866-673-331 and our friendly customer service representative will happily assist you. Replacement parts are sent via regular mail and may take up to 2 weeks for delivery.

2. What type of material is the house made of?
The Trading Spaces Houses and Rooms are made of plastic parts for the frame (inside & out), and laminated board for interior walls and floors.

3. Does this product come with any furniture as featured in the picture?
Yes, all the Trading Spaces Design and Re-Design Houses & Rooms are furnished, with the exception of the Bungalow and Floor Addition Kit.

4. Does the furniture have to be assembled?
No, all the furniture has been pre-assembled but can be painted and decorated any way you like.

5. How can I get instructions for my Trading Spaces product?
You can visit the section on their website called ‘Downloads’. There, you will find clear, color instructions for all of our products. To receive a copy in the mail, please call them toll free at 1-866-673-3310 or email them.

6. Some of the stickers keep falling off, what should I do?
The glue on the back of these stickers isn’t as strong as in regular stickers. These stickers are made so that they can be removed which enables you to re-decorate and change the style of the room(s). If you wish to permanently place the stickers in and around the house, simply use a bit of glue to adhere them to the walls and other items.

7. Is the family sold separately?
Yes, the family is sold separately. The family members are 12 to 1 scale and fit in the houses and rooms.

8. Which side of the floor do we use?
That is totally up to you! All you have to do to change the look of the room is to flip the floor over!

9. What type of paint is included with the product?
It is water based acrylic paint.

10. Are the curtains and sheets washable?
Yes. The stamps can easily be removed with soap and warm water, but the paints cannot be removed from these fabrics.

11. Once set on the walls and furniture, is the paint easily removed?
Yes, with a damp cloth, the paint will wash off the laminated board. On the plastic parts, some scrubbing may be required. You can also paint over old paint, just like you would in your own house.

12. When out of paint, where can we purchase more?
You can purchase more paint in any dollar store or craft type store.

13. The front door panel won’t stay closed. What should I do?
Make sure that all the frame pieces are properly snapped together. This will affect the straightness of your Trading Spaces Design & Re-Design House.

14. The roof won’t snap into place, what should I do?
The reason for this would be that the interior wall frames in the centre of the house are not snapped all the way down. Retrace your steps and ensure all parts are properly snapped together.

15. I put the batteries in the compartment and nothing happens, what’s the problem?
You have to determine if you are the proud owner of a 2 Story 2 Room House or a 2 Story 4 Room House. The 2 Story 4 Room House & the 3 Story 6 Room House are the only two Trading Spaces Design & Re-Design Houses that include the lights. The 2 Story 2 Room House has the battery compartments but doesn’t have any actual light-up accessories.

16. Can I purchase extra lights for my Trading Spaces Design & Re-Design House?
You will be able to purchase Light Accessory Sets for your Trading Spaces Design & Re-Design House sometime in June. The Light Accessory Sets will be available at a retailer near you.