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There are quite a number of companies that manufacture toys in Canada. Toys are used for fun especially during social occasions.

Children need toys to play with. It is always important to go for the best. This can be achieved by identifying the best manufacturers so that you can buy high quality products. We are going to provide you with top Canadian businesses for toys and other companies for gifts so that you can make a good choice.


b-belB-Bel Inc. is an award-winning manufacturer and distributor of toys and gifts. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the company is poised as one of Canada’s fastest growing toy manufacturers. B-Bel’s mission is to create unique products that spark the imagination and their remarkable products are a hit with parents who understand the importance of non-violent activities that foster cooperation and creativity.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition™ and Dollhouse Decorator are the licensed and non-license lines which include houses that are ready for kids to build, decorate and play with. The line also includes interchangeable rooms, yard and patio sets and a family of dolls that are suited for the 12:1 scale houses.

Kids in the Kitchen™ was developed by a Winnipeg woman in her kitchen and offers color-coded measuring cups and spoons along with recipe books that children can easily follow with minimal supervision in the kitchen.

Wild Ones Adventure Crew is a line of highly articulated and detailed action figures which focus on non-violent activities for kids, such as rock climbing, deep-sea diving and hand-gliding to name a few. More about B-bel

Spin Master

spin-masterSpin Master is one of the biggest toy companies in Canada. This international company has been designing and developing toys for children ever since it was set up in 1994. It has established a good reputation as the leading toy company not only in Canada but also in the whole world. Some of its popular brands include Air Hogs, TGR and Bakugan.

This big company employs over 1000 employees who work in many offices located in different countries. Spin Master has offices in Canada, USA, Italy, Mexico, UK, Japan, German, China and Sweden.
This remarkable company has won a number of awards as the best toy company and received Toy of The Year nominations several times.

The company has also ventured into entertainment business by launching Spin Master Entertainment. This media division produces entertainment program for viewers.


ganzGanz is another famous toy business company in Canada. It is known for manufucturing Webkinz. Webkinz is a toy loved by many children. It stands out from other toys because it has a site for interactive virtual reality.

Ganz Company was established in 1950 by Samuel Ganz and his two sons, Sam and Jack. The company used to produce products for home use but today, it has expanded and its toy products are sold in different parts of Canada.

Webkinz which is the main product of the company involves animals which have a secret code. The secret code is used to unlock online world so that children can explore it. It is ideal for children aged between six to twelve years.

It also manufuctures Webkinz Jr. It involves plush animals that are made from soft materials. They are specially designed for toddlers below the age of 5 years.
Furthermore, it produces Tubby Tummies. This is a large pot belly plush. It comes in different designs such as teddy bears and all kinds of animals.

Ganz also manufuctures Nakamas. These are plushes that have long and tiny limbs. They are ideal for young children.
On top of that, Ganz produces Wrinkles. Wrinkles are dog toys. They are suitable for children who love playing with dogs.
Other products manufuctured by this company include amazing world, tail towns, heritage collection, webkinz friend and more.


enescoEnesco is one of the biggest gift companies in Canada. It was founded by Cameron family in 1927. It supplies a wide variety of gifts to different retailers across Canada. It deals in gift products such as Indian brassware, Italian marble and European crystal. Most of these products are loved and cherished by many people all over the world.
This excellent company has established a good reputation by providing quality products with great value. It also gives customers the first priority. This has seen it expand rapidly over the past few years. Enesco has managed to retain existing customers for long and continues to attract new ones.

Enesco is currently led by Grace Kiss who serves in the capacity of company President.

Davidson & Associates

davidyoungsonThis reputable company was founded in 1978 by David Youngson. It supplies gift products to retailers across Canada.
The company has an experienced team of 30 sales professionals. They provide customers with the latest gifts that suit their needs.
Davidson & Associates deals in a wide range of gift products such as jewelry, fashion accessories, home objects and personal care. It packages them so well in a manner that is both attractive and presentable.

The company conducts product exhibitions in different cities such as Toronto, Alberta, Edmonton and more.

Parting Short
In conclusion, the above are the best toy and gift companies in Canada. They have established a good reputation in providing high quality products that satisfy the needs of customers. You definitely want to buy their products.

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